Nirula's Ice cream comes to you from a home styled state of the art processing unit not too far from its founding city of Delhi. Our delectable Ice Cream production commenced with the original owner family recipes, which were passed down through generations.

But what lends that unique fresh creamy taste and goodness to our Ice Creams? It's not just the finest, freshest and meticulously selected ingredients, it's also about how we make it!

We hand craft our ice creams using a special blend of fresh milk and the freshest dairy cream that is sourced from judiciously selected local dairy farms and the best dairy companies on an everyday basis. All the natural flavour mixes going into our ice creams are made in house right-from-scratch from ingredients which are carefully selected for quality, freshness and taste.

After all we love Ice creams and understand your love for them too. Our passion for churning out 100% Fresh Milk & Cream based ice Creams ensures that every lick bite and scoop delivers what we believe in – 100% Goodness. Using the best ingredients and a proven process for making world-class ice cream made us what we are today.

Loved and Cherished since 1977!

Thick Shakes

Our Delicious Ice Cream Blends in with the 100% goodness of pure milk topped with drizzle of flavour syrup to make your Shakes Thick and delightful.

Be it the decadent NOB Stack shake, the crazy favourite Oreo Obsession shake, or the Sinful Dunked Brownie shake whichever Nirula's Ice Cream Shake you choose to relish is pure sipping pleasure made from 100% Fresh Milk n Cream lending you nothing but 100 % Goodness and that EPIC Flavour.

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Get the ULTIMATE Sugar Rush! with the overloaded stack of Nutella Oreo Brownie with sinful amounts of chocolate sauce and more...
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Scrumptious Nutty Butterscotch nougat-based Ice Cream shake. Go crunch.
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World's favourite cookie crushes over Vanilla. Can't Shake it off!
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The juiciest handpicked strawberries made Ice Cream blends in our rich creamy milk for a wilde sensation.
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Brownie dunked in chocolate Ice Cream shake. Massive Sipping Power needed.
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Crimson Red Velvet cake with delectable cream cheese blended Ice Cream and milk. A Fairy Tale for your palate.

Thin Shakes

Keeping it simple, once scoop of our delicious Ice Cream blends in with the 100% goodness of pure milk. Some like em' thin.