General Terms & Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions that govern your access and use of Nirula’s website, app, products and services. These terms and conditions will be updated upon the company’s discretion from time to time. Please read these carefully.

  • Acceptance of our products, services, offers etc. necessarily invokes the unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of our Terms & Conditions (General as well as Offer-Specific) and cannot be challenged.
  • In case of any dispute Decision of the Management and the Board will be final.
  • Nirula’s will seek to respond to all customer’s queries and claims in under 48 – 72 hrs.
  • Nirula's have a No Return and No Exchange Policy. The brand also has a No Refund Policy barring special circumstances.
  • Using Nirula’s intellectual property without permission is an infringement and is actionable under law.
  • Nirula’s does not share the customer’s data with any third party or with its employees who does not have any direct dealings with customers.
  • In no event shall Nirula’s or its parent company Coldsmiths Retail Services Pvt. Ltd., be liable to you for any personal injury, loss of data, technology failure or malfunction or for any form of direct or indirect consequential, exemplary or punitive damages based on any causes of action arising out of use of the websites or any alleged failure of performance, delay in service or quality issues.
  • In such cases, the customer shall not seek any monetary or otherwise damages from Nirula’s.
  • Payment may be required before the product is provided and, if not, payment is due from the moment the Order is accepted. After you have placed an Order, Nirula’s may take and shall be entitled to receive such payment as is due in respect of the Order.
  • Nirula’s cannot guarantee that a particular product will always be available, in such cases you can either get another product or you can avail a 10% discount only on the same product as soon as the stock is available, once you are informed of the same.
  • If Nirula’s incorrectly state a price of a product whether online or otherwise, we are not obliged to provide you the product at that price, and reserve the right to subsequently notify you of any pricing error.
  • In such above-mentioned cases, you may either chose to cancel the order and get refunded or pay the correct amount to receive the order. If you exercise neither of the choices, your order will be automatically cancelled and your money refunded.
  • In case the sale of a customer does not gets recorded and the amount gets deducted, the customer has to provide all the screenshots and proofs to the company of the sale made and the amount deducted from the account of the customer.
  • In such above-mentioned and well-founded cases, Nirula’s will refund the money back in 7- 15 days or provide another product or an e-voucher of the same value.
  • In case any special offer is run by the brand, Nirula’s cannot promise on a fixed delivery time. Any disputes arriving on the basis of such cases will not be grounds for any kind of concern redressal.
  • The minimum order value to redeem the loyalty points that a customer has earned through their earlier purchases, shall not be less than 300. The customer shall also note that only 25% of the basic amount, that is the order value without taxes & other charges, shall be redeemed at a time on a single invoice.
  • A customer shall be entitled to avail the Late Night Delivery offer that is being run by the company. In such cases, it should be noted that the store delivering the order shall be running the same offer of Late Night Deliveries.The customer shall also note that the minimum order value excluding taxes and other charges shall not be less than 499.
  • The customer shall note that to avail the above-mentioned offer the destination address shall fall within a 5km radius from the destination address. In case, there is no availability of riders, representatives of Nirula's shall duly inform the customer of the same.
  • In such circumstances, if the customer wants they can either cancel the order and get a refund or get the order delivered another time.
  • Nirula’s commits to fulfil the orders of its customers except in cases of force majeure.
  • Nirula’s cannot be held responsible if the products are not delivered to the customer or are delayed in cases of force majeure (accident, strike, attack, bad weather, roadblocks or any kind of restrictions imposed by the Government of India or the State Government etc.) that impedes it from honouring the sale in whole or in part and the delays that may result from these.
  • Any two offers cannot be clubbed with any other offer running at the same time.
  • Loyalty points also cannot be redeemed to pay for any order that is offer based.
  • For information on all offer-specific T&C please write to
  • Unless otherwise stated, the offer is valid only for the dates decided, mentioned or advertised by Nirula’s.
  • Nirula’s reserves the right to terminate or rescind any of the offers any time without any formal notice.
  • Once the customer has availed the offer, it cannot be cancelled.
  • Any claim or dispute of the quality of the products must be sent to Nirula’s at within 5 days.
  • Any complaint published on any social media platforms will not be entertained at any cost. If the customer posts any negative comment on any of the social media platforms, they forfeit the right to register any kind of claims from the company.
  • Introduction of a claim does not relieve the customer from their payment obligations. If the claim is well-founded, the guarantee is limited either to the free of charge replacement of the part of the total order or the whole order if the whole order is faulty. The customer may also be offered an e-voucher of the similar value to the faulty product or order.
  • Once the customer shares their stories regarding Nirula’s experience with #NirulasLove at, Nirula’s has the sole right to publish the stories along with the name of the customer on any platform that it deems fit. The customer forfeits any right of privacy over the same.
  • In regards to #NirulasLove, Nirula’s has the sole right to decide whether to post the customer stories or not.
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